Public tendering

Choose from the best agencies

When public institutions, associations or companies are obliged to find their advertising agencies or communication service providers by tender, they have to comply with a multitude of strict formal and content-related specifications and guidelines. In the effort to comply with all formal requirements, the targeted approach to suitable agencies and communication service providers, which is indispensable for the success of the tender, unfortunately often falls by the wayside.

We help you to prepare the content of this address in such a way that you can target only suitable agencies and communication service providers and motivate them to make a serious application.

The documents and information that agencies need to complete and submit are very extensive and – at least for the first ‘attempts’ – very complicated. Many things lack transparency; there is always doubt surrounding the objectivity and fairness of the procedures. What’s more, service descriptions are often very technical, convoluted and sometimes even not drawn up by communications professionals. As a result, many agencies – including those predestined for the specific task and a promising application – do not take part in the tendering procedure.

We help you to set up your tender in such an interesting, technically sound, objective and transparent way that you can be sure that all - or at least most - relevant agencies and communication service providers want to participate in the tender process.

Some of the tasks we take on include*:

  • Preparation of the award procedure: kick-off meeting, support in the preparation of a communication-based service description, contract value estimate, selection of an agency model, preparation of a project plan
  • Announcement in the press
  • Competitive bidding: support in the preparation of a decision matrix, the substantive and technical answering of applicant questions, in clarification interviews, the evaluation of applications for participation, the preparation of a shortlist
  • Bidding procedure: communication-based assisting with the preparation of the agency briefing/price sheets, the determination of the award criteria, the preparation of an evaluation matrix, answering bidders' questions, the evaluation and benchmarking of the incoming indicative bids and with clarification meetings
  • Pitch presentation/negotiation date: assistance with the creation of the sequence as well as negotiations in pitches
  • Agency remuneration: communication-based support in the development of a suitable agency remuneration
  • Agency contract: communication-based support regarding all communication-related requirements for a contemporary agency contract.

    *Note on our own behalf: FRANCIS DRAKE does not provide legal services within the meaning of Section 2 (1) of the Legal Services Act. Insofar as the service areas listed above therefore show intersections with public procurement law or include or require legal audits, these are not provided by FRANCIS DRAKE. For this, i.e. for legal assessment and legal excellence, we recommend instead our tried and tested network partner, the law firm ESCH BAHNER LISCH in Cologne (for more information see Partner Network). If required, we will be happy to arrange a first contact for you.