Agency remuneration

Don’t let costs become a problem

We will answer all your questions regarding optimally structured agency remuneration in line with the market as a foundation for long-term and trusting cooperation with your partners. We advise you in all communications disciplines, taking account of the selected agency contract, other framework conditions and all conceivable remuneration models including:

  • Fixed agency fee – retainer
  • Project fee based on a framework agreement and price list of the agency
  • Combinations of fixed remuneration component and project fees
  • Remuneration purely based on KPI, success and performance
  • Combinations of different models
  • Customised remuneration models

Other consulting services associated with fees and remuneration:

  • Benchmarking of agency rates and fees using prescribed and thus comparable skill levels
  • Cost checks of agency calculations including coherent action recommendations
  • Marketing budget optimisation
  • Purchasing budget optimisation
  • Photography, film and radio production cost checks

Benefit from our many years of activity on the agency side and the experience gained in the process first hand: It doesn’t get more practical than this.